How do I make my DarkMagic responsive.

Well, I was looking at the tricks in the ‘Learn’ section of this website. It seemed a red dark magic was used for most, if not all of the videos. He was able to bind his easily, but in addition to that, it came up with a tug response too. I got my DarkMagic earlier this week. Completely unresponsive out of the box and untouched, and a bit difficult to bind unless the yoyo swings hard into the string with force.

My question is how do I make my DarkMagic act on simple tug responses in addition to easier binds?

Oh, and if your answer happens to be ‘Thick Lube’, how do I have to apply it? Inside of the bearing by taking off the shields? And what’s the safest way to get it out, seems wedged in there pretty tightly.

Also, I don’t have any accessories yet… No thick lube, thin lube, etc. Just household stuffies.

Well, my answer is thick lube :slight_smile:

First, make sure your yoyo is tightened all the way. Also, work on binding a bit more.

Anyway, application of lube. Watch this here video. Don’t worry about the cleaning part. Just the bearing removal and lubing.

Try twisting it all the way (really tight), to make it responsive. If that doesn’t seem to work, thick lube. The video posted above is extremelly helpful.

Thank you for the replies. I’ve tightened it as much as I can without extra force, but I’d think that such would strip it. I’ve already seen that video, which seems like a looooong process, haha.

Any other ideas? And what does thick lube do anyway, if it’s INSIDE of the bearing? And not on the axel or the outside or anything.

Thick lube makes the yo-yo responsive, you put it on the bearing to make it that way. There are shields around the bearing, so you can’t put the lube on the axle or anything like you said.

Im not completly sure but my guess is it makes the bearing spin slower giving the string more time to bind up on a tub

You can trade me, mine is extremely responsive… I can’t even do a plastic whip without it coming back up =/

when i aplied my thick lube i put it right on and it worked great. remember to spin the bearing so it doesnt rust

Haha, no thanks on the trade. I just want it responsive enough to tug without binding at times. Guess I’m forced to get thick lube and go through the long process… Any other ideas would be appreciated, but thank you to all who’ve posted thus far.

Try double wrapping your string…

When you put the string loop around the yoyo, twist it 180 degrees and loop it on again… This might do it but will probably shorten the spin time

I thought of that, but wasn’t sure… How much do you think it would shorten by…?

Probably alot… Why do you want it responsive anyways?

well it should only slow it down from 5-10 seconds if you double wrap it

and also if you tighten it up and double wrap it it should be preaty responsive

What if I double-wrap it, but widen the gap by loosening it… Would that give it tug response, yet make it sleep near the same time?

im not really sure since i dont own a dm and why dont you just try it with the gap wide and double wrapped and the gap small and double wrapped

make sure to tighten the gap but dont over tighten. you can try a double bind. or if you do get thick lube there is a video below on how to apply it

Thank you all for your help everyone. Until I get thick lube, this’ll have to work.

Double loop + small gap = Still no tug response, and sleep time seems near the same, but binding is ALOT easier. So, guess this’ll do as a temp solution. Feel free to post more ideas, and I thank any that do!