Dark Magic II and responsiveness

I’m just getting into more serious tricks, so I picked up a Dark Magic II, which has been awesome. However, even with the default bearing, I can’t get it to return with a single loop on the default string.

The problem is that I don’t see how to really get this to return at all consistently without double looping the string. I didn’t think there was a lot of skill in throwing a sleeper then tugging on the string really hard. I certainly can’t loop 9 out of 10 times, but there’s more skill involved in that.

For butterfly-shaped yo-yos with good bearings, what skill is involved here in helping these to return? I assume other people aren’t having this problem with the responsive bearing?

I’m not looking for tricks to make this return - double looping and cotton string helps it to work for me, barely. I’m not looking for someone to tell me to learn how to bind - I know you can return that way.

I’m wondering if the problem is me, or this is just nearly impossible on this yoyo without binding.

The narrow bearing(default) can become unresponsive. Double looping helps. Thick lube helps too. You can do a bind. When I started, I put a drop of thick lube in there and when it finally broke down(a couple of weeks of hard play) and it slowly got unresponsive. Hard tugs brought it back. Just add a drop of thick lube and see if that helps. Double looping may help as well but if the lube is just pretty much shot, it won’t help that much but it will help a little.

I suppose I should mention that I haven’t put any lube in it at all.

I thought I might just be “doing it wrong” - I mostly just don’t see how you can throw a sleeper and try to get it to return “wrong”.

You need to put a drop ofthick lube in and you’re good to go. What lube that was in there broke down. Good job! I mean, this means you’re playing a lot.

Most of those yoyos you may be thinking of are modified shape with a very thin gap. The gap in wing shaped yoyos is wider and there’s less surface area(well, generally speaking). My kids play their ONE’s until the lube is like nothing anymore and then they tell me to lube it for them.

Playing a wing-shaped yoyo with an unresponsive bearing, I’m sure they’ll all get like this after a while. It’s been true with my DM2, my kids’s(and my) ONE, and one of my kid’s Legacy II. I pretty much play full unresponsive now so other than my ONE that I keep responsive, the rest of my wing shaped yoyos are unresponsive

2 drops of thick lube was plenty. It’s actually too responsive now, and doesn’t spin for nearly as long. I’ll try a couple drops of thin, but this definitely seems to be the way to tune it.

I find it would be best at this point to clean the bearing in mineral spirits, dry it out completely and add thick lube 1 drop at a time(or less). It’s better to use LESS than more lube.

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Good advice. I actually dip the tip of a toothpick in the thick lube and dab a bit in a few places on the bearing. I think it’s better than one big drop in one place. I have a funny way of taking those big bearing unresponsive yoyos and looping the string about 4 times to get it to be responsive. I did that to my Aoda little and it works great…still spins too. But, I must admit that because it was not designed for that, I lose a bit of control with the yoyo turning slightly at times. I never even tried to lube the bearing on that one cause looping the string many times did the trick and the lube would just break down all over again anyway, so I left it at that. I can do a bind, but I’m just not at the level where I need the yoyo to spin so long, so it’s not worth the effort for me to bind, if that makes sense. Glad he helped you figure things out.

I think it’s also time to learn to bind. It’s not that difficult. It will take just as much getting used to as trapeze or many of the other tricks you’re learning to do. It’s also time well worth the effort.