Why is my dark magic 2 responsive?

So my dark magic two I’ve had for about four months now is responsive with the unresponsive ball bearing in it. I’ve done nothing but put new pads in yesterday, and it wasn’t doing that after I put them in. I took the caps off, but other than that, I’ve tried everything; lubing, new string, etc. What up with my yoyo?

You just need to break in the bearing. Play with it a lot, or just throw looong sleepers.

Just play with your DM2 a lot and it should be fine. The bearing needs time to “digest” that lube you put in, and the k pads need to be worn down a little bit; then it should be fine.

A Recipe to Make an Unresponsive YoYo, Responsive:

  • Freshly replaced string.
  • Freshly lubed (thin or thick), and/or too much lube (1-2 small drops is all you need).
  • New k-pads/silicone put in recently.
  • Running a bearing dry for a LONG time.

… Pretty much everything you just did (except dry bearing). You just need to break in all that new stuff.


Also, do Gyro Flops to help the break in process.

And a correct way to lube (minimal), is to put a drob of lube on a needle. Then tilt the needle down until you see a tiny drop of lube on the needle tip. Then apply that needle tip sized drop of lube to one of the balls of the bearing. Flick it a few times. Plug and break. Break it in, play with it more, Gyro Flops etc.

Lube is like grease in the bearing, that wont make it unresponsive. It’ll make it responsive. After you break it in, it becomes a lubed unresponsive bearing.