My Dark Magic II is responsive even with the speed bearing.

I ordered a Dark Magic II and it was working fine but when I used the unresponsive bearing for a while it became responsive and I cleaned it out with mentholated spirits and put less than a drop of thin lube on the bearing so why is it still responsive? ???

Clean it again in mineral spirits or acetone and skip the lube unless you’re going to use the pin-dip method. Bearings have to break in. Going responsive is normal for some bearings. Once cleaned, they are fine.

If you recently damaged the yoyo or banged it on the ground, it could have damaged a ball in the bearing. If not, the yoyo may be over- lubricated. Just keep playing with it, and in time, it will be unresponsive :wink:

Agreed. Too much lube. No need to lube after cleaning.

I had the EXACT same problem when I got my DMII Ghost last month. Pulled it out of the package, popped the speed bearing in right away, loved it the first day. Second day morning I got up and was throwing it while waiting for coffee to brew and it started to grind and then locked up. I freaked out thinking I broke it some how. Tried a lot of stuff with it. Ultimately I cleaned it, it worked for a bit then locked again, cleaned it again, then from there on it was better, then after a week or so of play it kinda just clicked and was perfect. You just need to give it time to break in. And make sure your string loop at the bottom isn’t fraying, the little fuzzy hairs on the loop love to sneak in the bearing and lock it.