dark magic 2 problems

I got my Dark Magic 2 recently and loved it but after 2 days the speed bearing became responsive :’(. I don’t know what to do someone plz tell what I could do to maybe make the bearing work again it is one of my fav throws.

clean the bearing

It’s amazing how many times this comes up lol

Just clean the bearing.

I already cleaned the bearing with mineral spirites and it don’t help lube didn’t either

you probably put too much lube in or if popped it in desheilded that can affect some YYJs as well performance wise.

Did u let the bearing dry after cleaning it?

Too much lube makes it responsive.

Try to spin the bearing on the end of a pencil. If it doesn’t spin for at least a few seconds or makes weird clunky sounds something is wrong.

What he said ^^

Also - Did you remove the shields to clean it?

I popped the shields in the bearing before cleaning and also let it dry before I lubed it. It has been a couple days since I did all that and it still is responsive I only used 2 drops of lube.

Wow. 2 drops. That is a ton of lube. I run ALL of mine dry without any issues.

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I second this 2 drops of lube in the bearing your supposed to use a needle and drop it in.

ONLY two drops lol

Try to run your bearing dry, or put a needle worth of lube in it.

also make sure nothing is stuck in the bearing seat to keep it from spinning.

I just went and bought a one drop 10 ball bearing I hope it works it should come within a day or two

one of my friends also has a dark magic 2 and had the same problems after about two days also

lots of people have that problem with lots of yoyo’s because they don’t take care of their bearing!

sorry didn’t mean to sound harsh.