yoyo jam dark magic 2

If you have ever used a dark magic before you would probably know that the unresponsive bearing eventually becomes responsive and that sucks. direct out a forum to me if ya have any suggestions!!!


did ur ball bearing also start to make a loud metallic scratching noise? if so that happens normally it seems, u wore out the lubricant that the ball bearing begins with and u need to add thin lube, which will make it unresponsive again and get rid of the sound, there is a video showing u how to add lube and discusses lube in the “Learn” tab

No, no no, no no no no. A dry, clean bearing will be less responsive than a lubed one. A very lightly lube one might last longer though.


Did you put any lube in the bearing? How new is the bearing? If it’s new, it might still be breaking in. Or maybe there’s something stuck in there.

well maybe i could use some help then, it seems all my ball bearings become more responsive and make a loud metallic scratching noise after a long period of play, but the thin lube seems to fixed the entire problem

I’ve received the recommendation from trustable sources that ideally, you should only need to lube a bearing once a month, and probably even then only a single drop.

Since all I use is my Dark Magic II for the most part(OK, I throw some others but nowhere near as often), one drop on the first of the month and the issue is kept in check.

mk sounds good then, i had my dark magic 2 for like 3 months before the scratching noise got noticable, and its not like i flood my bearing with lube lol

I couldn’t help but crack up at the phrasing here…

anyways, I guess there must have been something stuck in the bearing, or it was still breaking in.