Dark Magic NOISY

My dark magic has been very noisy now (im using the speed bearing not the standard one they install at first) and im getting worried it might break is it usual for the dm to get really loud after about a month of use with the speed bearing? Or is there just something jammed in there and i also already tried lubricating it with some sewing machine lube. PLZ HELP!!!

its not your yoyo, its the bearing, you need YYJ thin lube prferably, try giving more than 1/2 a drop and see if that works, also try spinny the bearing on a pencil and see if it is loud.

What you describe sounds like the bearing has become broken in, and with the amount of time you’ve been playing it, what lube was in there has dissipated. You say you tried lubing w/sewing machine oil. Did you remove the shields to do that? If not you more than likely got very little lube in the bearing itself.

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anyway i didnt actually clean like u said but i put another drop of the sewing machine lube (instead of 1 like the first time) and the bearing didnt make that loud noisy sound anymore so thank you!!!

You might want to check here for bearing cleaning tips, including how to remove the shields…

How to Clean Your YoYo Bearing