I’ve been YoYoing for like 6 months so I’m not that bad but i still have some pretty basic questions:

  1. I have a dark magic that I’ve been using for quite some time now. I feel like it’s not spinning as long as it used to. Any idea why and what i should do to fix it?

  2. I really need some general tips of taking care of the YoYo, I’ve been switching yoyo several times so but now I’m really into using the dark magic and i was just wondering what i should do to keep it in shape.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards, Enigma.


First of all, make sure to lube your bearing. YoYoJam makes some great lube, which you can order at a discounted rate from here. Also, clean your bearing every once in a while. On the navigation on this site, highlight over “Learn”, and then “Maintenance” That will have everything you need to know.


Okay thanks. Why do I have to clean my bearing? Does it affect the performance of the Yoyo in any way? Some guy told me that it only makes the yoyo sound less, which is something i don’t really care about.


If you clean your bearing it will restore the spintime you say you are losing.


if you clean your bearing it will take all that lube out and make it(dry). it will spin longer and be more unresponsive. i personally don’t thank you should run on a dry bearing though. it could eventually start to where down your bearing and make it shot. if you get some thin lube in it every once in a wile it should be fine. later and remember keep it spinning.


With a jojojam yoyo there isn’t really much more to it than to put some lube on the bearing. It probably won’t hurt the bearing that bad to spin dry, but with lube it gets less noicy and you keep dirt away. First post btw (nice with another swede on the forum and in the yoyo community, began to think I was the only one)