dark magic PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!

i have yoyojam dark magic, and i have a problem with it. when i lube it (i use trumpet lube) its doesnt work, and also, the bearing spins for about a half second. the caps that cover the bearing come off, and i bent them by accident ( i figure this wouldn’t affect how the yoyo plays).


If you clean the bearing, that may solve your problem.

If you want to, you can leave the caps off, or, if the case is too extreme, you can buy a new bearing

Leave the bearing shields off, and don’t put any lube in it for a while. If the bearing is used over time with the shields off, it should start to spin longer.

thanks guys, it really worked. my dm is fine… ::slight_smile:

Next time just use thin lube. :wink:

i play trumpet never use trumpet lube on yoyos it ruined one of mine

sorry but i trust Mi more.