Dark Magic Problems

I bought a Dark Magic Yoyo 4 months ago. I had a Legacy before that but it got stolen.

So my Dark magic Yoyo is responsive from the day I bought it and it spins like 1 minute.
The legacy was very unresponsive and the spin time was about 2 minutes.

What do I have to do to make the DM yoyo spin longer and unresponsive?

I cleaned the bearing and lubed it, the gap is adjusted to be maximum wider as possible.

maybe the O-Ring is not broken in. :slight_smile:
just play more with it.

You want it to spin longer? Apply practice in large heaping spoonfuls directly to the yo-yo.

clean it again, don’t lube it after, adjust the gap to as wide as you can.


O man it’s terrible your legacy got stolen. Mind me asking how it got stolen and if you know who did it?

It was in my bag. I think i know who did it. Everyone told me it was him (Grigor), but I have no evidence.

Try siliconing the yoyo. If the bearing is still responsive after many washes a simply solution is to get a bearing the come already unresponsive like a center trac.

I’m gonna get a Center Track Bearing

Try getting some shims or making some yourself out of card stock or old credit cards. Also, I don’t advise this ever but you can sand the starbursts down a bit so that they’re less aggressive.

Try breaking the bearing in. Throw hard throws, play with it for like a week.

Given that you’ve cleaned the bearing and maxed out the gap, it sounds like you need to work on keeping the string centered and the yoyo straight. With a hard, straight throw, a Dark Magic can be made to perform any trick out there.

I have the same problem with the bearing as well but I cleaned out then played it for a day which it works fine. BTW, I have another problem with my DM. After a week or so the caps on the side keep falling off. Its that normal for a YYJ yoyo??? If doesn’t feel like it fits at all, because it super loose. >w<

It is normal for a YYJ’s yoyo caps to fall off. It happens with my Journey all the time. It’s actually good because you can thumb grind without them in. So if you haven’t learned thumb grinding go learn it, their really fun!

Get very thin string, buy a new bearing, shave the o-ring, shave the starburst. Other than this, just play with the yoyo A LOT, thus the lube will have more than enough time to fully break in.