My new Dark Magic

So yesterday I opened the package with my name on and saw a translucent blue Dark Magic and some string packs, 100 pack of alchemy strings, extea bearing, vapor rings, lube and shims, I took hold of the Yoyo from the box and threw it. It was perfectly fine, no visible vibration and really unresponsive, timed my first throw and recorded a time of 2 min. and 32 seconds. Then today while playing with it, I got the unwanted knot suddenly around my bearing, so I opened my yoyo and took that knot out, screwed my yoyo again and started to throw. The yoyo vibrate, easily noticable but not a severe vibration. I thought there’s something wrong and threw some again. I bacame curious, maybe something happened to my bearing. With that curiosity of mine i timed another sleeper and got a record of about 4 minutes and some seconds, but the problem is m yoyo tilts more then before, is that fine? I don’t know much about yoyos like the DM , only yoyos I’ve played are mostly auldey’s. Thanks guys.

I had a similar thing happen when i first unscrewed my DM and then back together again. I found that if i screwed it on all the way and then turned it back about a quarter of a turn that it provided the same unresponsiveness but the vibe and tilting had become unnoticeable or that they had disappeared completely. Hope i helped :smiley:

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I don’t want to screw it all the way ‘cause I might overtighten it. But it’s gettin’ a little bit normal, but still it’s not as smooth as before, so I thought I did something wrong.
Edit: So is my yoyo fine or is it something to worry about?

I put in a ceramic bearing, ditched the o-ring in favor of yyj silicone pad and installed yyj red spacers. All I can say is night and day difference! Dead unresponsive and tight binds. Way more enjoyable to throw now.

Well my mom forgot to order yyj silicone rings,
Things I have now are as follows:
Vapor O-rings
Set of merc shims
Stainless still kk
Not installing any of them yet.

Put a copper and brass shim in each side, the kk, and one of the vapo-rings(or whatever they’re called), I did this, it played amazing.

Your bearing is probably just breaking in so just play with it.

Does it still have to break in if it came out of the box unresponsive?


Dark Magic’s don’t sleep for 4 min. more like 2 minutes. I would spin the bearing and see if their’s anything wrong with it.

Yeah just break in your bearing.

Im sure some one with a well devoloped throw could get more than 4 minutes…

yeah i just bought a dm and it was perfect the first couple of throws and then i accidentally dropped it and then i pick it back up and threw it and the bearing wouldnt spin for t seconds. So o cleaned it and ot still wouldnt spin so i took the bearing out and popped in a ceramic kk and it spun like a beast i even clocked a 3:36 sin timed

dark maigcs wont spin for 4 minuites? Dude I just did it, I’m pretty sure I counted right and my uncle’s with me, also counting. I correct the yoyo when it tilts by doing a trapeze . It wasunexpected, I guess I did a pretty strong throw there, it was a challenge by my uncle if I could make it sleep longer than 2 minutes.

Yuuki Spencer won nationals in 2005 with a Dark Magic

After installing all of the upgrades you purchased, see how it spins. If it’s spinning well but not for as long as you would like, practice your throw, making sure it’s strong and straight.

I play my Dark Magic with a Thin lubed bearing and a shim.

Plays like a beast.

Will the shims affect the spin of my bearing if I install them?

Shims has nothing to do with bearing spin time
But sometime they would grind the bearing shileds and slow it down, if this happens just deshiled the bearing

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That is one of the stupidest thing I’ve heard. I can get mine to sleep for 3 min on a good throw and I’m by no means an expert. I’m sure people can get 5+ min out of one. Also why would it spinning longer mean that something is wrong with it?

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Mine sleep s for 30 sec???