Dark Magic Grinding Sound

Right, i picked up my dark magic this morning and started playing with it, it sound fine at the start but now it sounds like the bearing is broken or the bearing is rubbing against the plastic as it spins, its making a horrible sound and also the yoyo has become suddenley extremely responsive, any tips or can any one tell me whats wrong if they have had this problem before.

That happened to my DM the other day actually, i cleaned my bearing(dont believe it was dirty, was just a precaution) and i made sure i put it back together properly. Also, my string tension was a wee-bit tight. Those fixed my problem so i hope my advice assists you.

You need to clean the bearing, there is something in it. Also, You can try adding some thin lube and trying it out. Heres a video to clean the bearing.

do i need to add lube becasue i haven’t got any, is there any stuff you could use instead that won’t damage it.

I’ve always heard that trumpet valve oil works. Maybe you can try that.

As for the noise, it’s probably nothing serious. It could be the string rubbing against the starburst side, or it could just be your bearing breaking it.

My Dark Magic makes a lot of sound all the time. A tiny drop of thin lube will make it a bit more silent, but it will still make noise. A lot of lube will probably silence it, but then it might go responsive.

Thin lube = YYJ lube, trumpet valve oil or thin sewing machine oil.

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