problem with cleaning a DM bearing

One week after I got my Dark Magic, the bearing caught some kind of dirt in it and i had to clean it. I cleaned it with the dust shields on, after it was dry I applied a drop of thin lube, and tried to play with it. For a few minutes it was ok and than the yo-yo got really responsive.

my question is, do i just need to let it brake in, or i need to clean it again with the dust shields off, how much lube should I put ? (1, 2 or more drops) and can it be the use of 100% cotton string.

Thanks in advance

Yes, just break it in.

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Your string is fine. I would recommend removing the shields before cleaning the bearing. I helps get everything out of there. Another thing I do is after blowing all of the solvents out of the bearing with compressed air, I play the bearing dry for a day or until it starts to get louder. That helps remove anything and everything in the bearing that might cause more problems when oil is added. After that I lube it and play like normal. Usually one drop is enough oil.

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Right now I’m breaking the bearing in, and after a day of reasonably unresponsive play, the yo-yo is now so responsive even a slight tug on the string bring it back to my hand.

My question is, is this a part of the breaking in process or do I need to clean it for the third time ?

What does the bearing sound like? Is it quiet or loud?

The bearing is loud. even if i just let the yo-yo fall from the string and not even throwing it.
also I can’t make the bearing spin when the yo-yo is taken apart. The bearing is completely stuck.

Does that mean i need to clean it again ? :frowning:

If it sounds rough or like something is in there I would recommend cleaning it again. You can also try putting a little more oil in it.

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Cleaning went well. The yo-yo is reasonably unresponsive, but very noisy. does that mean I need more lube ? or still only breaking in ?

It means you should probably lube it, but remember you aren’t going to make it completely quiet without it being responsive.

Clean the bearing with the shields off. Add 3 drops of thin lube to the balls of the bearing. Play with the yoyo for 2 hours to let everything break in and (if you know how to) do a lot of gyroscopic flops so the bearing gets stress in places where it normally wouldn’t to get the lube in the places it needs it!

Gyroscopic flops, or any flop for that matter, won’t help break in a bearing any more than normal play. They do, however, help break the response system in.

just for your reference, Andre told me that in person. :slight_smile: