ok…been throwing my DMII for a while now, and totally love it. I do hardcore practice in the house at night when kids are asleep, and light practice, usually outside during the day. Well thanks to a couple whip tricks, and ooops throws, my DMII hit the ground a couple few times and has a few tiny nicks in it now. Was wondering whats the best way to get them out as it seems to make it vibrate from time to time. I was gonna use fine sandpaper, but thought that might throw off the balance completely. Then I was thinking about just buffing it with a buffer wheel, but again, I am worried about throwing off the balance. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

A few nicks shouldn’t do anything bad to your performance.

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thanks and cool. it may just be my throw. getting a straight throw for me every time is still a challenge. my bearing stated making noise the other day and it dont seem to be sleeping as long as it did when i got it. I just ordered thin lube and it should be here tomorrow. gonna see what difference that makes too.

The lube will hinder it’s sleeping performance even more. I would suggest cleaning the bearing with mineral spirits. This is a dangerous chemical if used without caution so make sure a parent or guardian is around to supervise. Or you could just have them do it! :smiley:

Good luck!

I did clean it the other day and it got even louder…worried about burning the bearing up. gonna give the lube a try anyway. Thanks though. :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure you actually do want to use thin lube after cleaning. It makes the yoyo responsive for a little while at first but eventually breaks in. It also extends the life of your bearing, so I would recomment it!

Thanks so much…will see what happens when i get the lube. ;D

I find that denim makes for a good surface to smooth out nicks a bit. After giving it a good rub on denim jeans or something, continued play should make it smoother.

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When you clean the bearing, soak it in mineral spirits, spin it to dry, and apply a bit of the lube with the tip of a sewing needle. That way you have enough to protect without slowing your bearing

Thanks for the denim tip…It worked great! can hardly tell the nicks were there now. :slight_smile:

lube isn’t really necessary. I’ve been running my bearings dry for a long time. Lube will prolong their life, but eh. I have plenty extras. I just don’t wanna deal with the break in period.

Also, sand paper won’t throw off the balance of the yoyo. People use sandpaper to satin yoyos (remove the colour so it’s just raw metal)
satining plastic can make it better for grinding.

Cleaning a bearing normally makes it louder. Adding a touch of lube should quiet it down but may also reduce spin time or even make it responsive. As previously mentioned, add just a tiny bit with a needle head. Give it a bit of play and if it’s still too loud for you add a teeny bit more lube. With use the lube will break down and the bearing will get loud again.

I wouldn’t worry about the bearing burning out, many people play their bearings dry and rarely have issues with bearings dying on them.

Make sure the metal weight rings aren’t loose or messed up. Look to see if the space between the rings and plastic part of the body are even. Loose rings will throw the DMII off balance. If they are loose just place the yo yo on a hard surface like wood and gently press down until you hear them click back into place. This has happened to my Hit Man Pro, and I just popped them back in place – yo yo functions perfectly.

When I get nicks in my yoyo, I sand them down a bit to the point where I can’t feel them when I grind. Keeps the battle-scars visible while not compromising play.