Dark magic two speed bearing install

Ok so I just put the speed bearing in for unresponsive play but it’s still responsive I just put it on the yoyo and put it back together a drop if thin lube on each side what did I do wrong do I need to adjust the axle for the new bigger bearing or more lube. Thanks for you’re help

Your problem is that you used way to much lube. Lube slows the bearing down and makes the yo responsive. I know it seems odd but that’s the truth.

You need to clean your bearing to get the lube out or just play it and it will eventually become unresponsive. However, with two drops of lube it might take a while.

There are many threads and videos regarding the proper cleaning of a bearing and application of the correct amount of lube.

This. Even one drop is way too much lube.

If u don’t want to clean it just play it til the lube wears out. Tho that’ll be awhile.

It actually went unresponsive pretty quick thanks for the advice