yoyo suddenly loud and responsive

I was playing with my newly bought yoyojam revival when i threw it down once and it was suddenly very loud and responsive. I tried cleaning the bearing with lighter fluid, and then lubing it, so now it is a little quieter but it is still responsive. What should I do? ???

How much did you lube it? Too much lube makes it responsive. try cleaning again and lube very lightly, one very small drop or less. Make sure you remove the shields to clean.

Thanks I will try it again cuz I added two drops. :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried it again, this time adding very little lube, and it had no effect. When I was spinning the bearing on a pencil however, it seemed spin better before I added the lube. So what now? ??? Ps how is the best way to dry the bearing?

Adding lube always creates some drag in the bearing. Dont worry about this, just put it back in your yoyo and play it. It will become unresponsive again with a little time.

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Thanks so I did play with the yoyo for a while, and it did become less responsive, but when it was almost fully unresponsive, it did the same thing where it became very loud and very responsive all of a sudden. It was not bumped and nothing that I can think of made do that again!