is there something wrong with my yoyo, because sometimes when i add thin lube it seems to make it even more responsive, should i just not use the lube or what?

The more you lube it, the more responsive.
Clean it, or break it in.

Not exactly.

It’s not the Yo-Yo, it’s the Yo-Yo’s bearing.

Don’t lube it any more than what you did then.

It is probably breaking-in, so don’t lube it until it is over.

If not, you probably lubed it too much, so it got stuck, and slows down.

It’s ok. Just throw the yo-yo and eventually the extra lube will wear out and only the amount needed will remain in the bearing. Happens to me all the time. :wink:

it doesnt matter what kind of lube it is if you lube it it will turn more responsive
to keep my yoyo unresponsive i never lube it (i let it run dry)

Actually, I lube my bearings (with YYJ light lube) all the time and, like I said in the previous post, the extra lube I might have put it, will just wear out as time goes on. Thus, my yo-yo becomes unresponsive again. Plus, letting it run dry has it’s up and down sides. You get a longer spin, but a shorter life. ;D


It actually does matter what lube you use. on the YoYoJam box, it says to only use YoYoJam lube.

The reason it became responsive, however, is probably because you had already broken in the bearing. If you had broken in the bearing, and then you lubed it, you would’ve slowed down the bearing.

oh, ok thanks guys i wont lube it for a looooong time