Yoyo Lube help

I wanted to make my yff skyine spin longer and it wasnt screwing in right so i used thin yoyo jam lube. It screwed in after that pretty good but it became a bit respnosive how did this happen and how can i fix it plz help me!!!

Throw it more. Once you lube it you have to sort of re-break in the bearing. A yoyo becoming responsive after lubing is pretty normal.

Another option I recommend is cleaning the bearing, then light lubing. The breaking it back in.

k thanks i will i think i put a bit to much

Lube will make your bearing responsive. That is just a fact. If you want dead unresponsiveness. Clean it with lighter fluid or mineral spirits and dont lube it. However, if you do lube it use it very sparingly and like Studio said, LIGHTLY lube it (we’re talking the smallest drop on the end of a needle) and then you will have to break it in again. What alot of people do at first is put WAY TOO MUCH lube on it thinking more lube =more spin. Not true. You only need a tiny bit.