Dark Magic II being responsive

A couple of days ago, my DMII suddenly started being responsive. I’ve tried just about everything that I can, including buying a new bearing, but nothing has seemed to work. Anyone have any ideas of what might be wrong?

Buying a new bearing didn’t help? Strange…
Are you lubing the bearing?

Which bearing did you buy? Also, new bearings often come lubed from the factory, and so will play responsive until they break in. If you want to be sure it’s not the bearing, you’ll have to clean it out thoroughly with acetone or another solvent. But I would recommend just playing with the new bearing for awhile, see if it stops being responsive.

You should also take the yoyo apart, and spin the bearing in its seat on each side of the yoyo. That way you can make sure it’s not rubbing the sides at all. Additionally, check for any debris around the bearing, or see if your response pad is coming loose or something.

But my money’s on the bearing lube not being broken in yet.