Why is my DM responsive?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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Bought a DM about 1 and 3 quarters of a month ago, when i first bought it, it was very unresponsive
but after about 5 days it turned responsive. and ever since then it’s been responsive what should i do?

                                       Things i have tried

1.broke it in
2.checked for hair and or string
3.thin lubed it
4.took it apart and, thoroughly washed it twice!
5.put shims in it
6.replaced it’s bearing
7.broke in the new bearing
8.used type 6 polyester strings. i am afraid to shave of the star burst response or take of the o-ring but if it’s suggested, i’ll do it! i’m desperate please help me!!!

(JM) #2

Let’s just see if we can narrow it down a bit and get to the root of your problem. Do you have any other unresponsive yo-yos?


It sounds like the response system just needs to be broken in.

On a side note, what did you use to ‘wash’ your bearing?


put in a KK if you haven’t tired that and maybe thicker shims, other than that just keeping playing with it, i find most yyj’s take about a month of hard play to break in nicely


what did you used to wash your bearings? Some things will leave a residue behind that will slow down your bearing

how much lube did you use? any sort of lube thin or not will give it SOME response until its broken in.

did you check around the bearing seat? if the bearing isnt seated properly it will cause it to become more responsive

what ever you do, don’t mod the response system something else is at fault.

its a dumb question, but is your string on right and does it have proper tension. I have found especially with practising new tricks some how i manage to get an extra loop around the bearing and it will make it more responsive

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i didn’t make the time period that i had the DM clear,
i got it 1 month plus, three quarters of a month ago, and playing it ever since

JM- yes i have a unresponsive yoyo, DV888

Mrcnja- i used liter fluid to wash my bearing

Xdeadeye00x- i have heard that kks don’t make much difference but i have never tried them do they
help a lot, or a little?

Cbus- i used one drop of thin lube, it is properly seated, no residue is on the bearing. The extra loop happens to me a lot but i notice it right away.


Clean your bearing again and don’t use any thin lube. Are the shields on or off? if they are on then take one off before you clean it.


Hi Johnny,

even if I’m new to the Forum, I have some helping hints for you.

For me, it sounds definitely like a bearing problem! I have a DM too and it’s unresponsitive for a couple of months meanwhile. Never had probs like you. Icthus is right…take the shields off and clean the bearing again (leave it in the lighter fluid for at least 1 hour)

Additional to the things you already did, I

  • replaced the standard O-Ring with a YYF K-Pad (silicone pad). Instead replacing the O-Ring you can also cut it so it’s recessed.
  • removed the Starburst.

This helps a lot, if you like it unresponsitive.

And by the way…it’s completely right what you’ve heard about KK’s. It’s only a different “feeling” during the play, but I wouldn’t say it helps. For some tricks like Suicide it’s even the opposite, because it’s heavier to keep the loop open!
KK’s have their pros and cons…but tricks won’t get easier with them…sadly! :wink:


you dont have to leave it in the lighter fluid for 1 hour, most lighter fluids are pretty harsh and will clean fast, just put it in a container that you can swoosh around and spin it and shake it around for about 5 mins, then stick it on a pencle and spin it on the for about 5 mins untill its dry. you dont want any left over lighter fluid on it when you put it back togeather since the DM is plastic and the lighter fluid can do some funny things to it


It’s the alternative, if you are on the edge! ;D

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I’ll try that! two more things what are shields and will lighter fluid harm the bearing if in to long???



No, sometimes mine are in for the whole night!

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was that a DM in the vid?

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Change your string. When I got my DM it did the same thing. Then i changed my string it and it was like brand new again. Hope I helped! 8)


have you tried unscrewing the yoyo a little? i play mine from 1/4 to1/2 loosened depending on what feel i want and it works great for me. you still need a clean slightly lubed bearing. i use brake cleaner and sewing machine oil. good luck

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if you take out your bearing and look at it so it is laying flat.  it should look like an “O.”  the shield is the part that is on the side.  if you take it off, it will make no difference besides that it is easier to clean but gets dirtier faster.  with out it, it would look like their are balls inside of the bearing.

on the revue there is a picture of a deshielded 10ball.

this has a picture of bearings with shields


No its a hitman.

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i change my string almost every day!


Get a center-trac bearing by CBC, think it works.