why is my DM responsive

i have a DM and its responsive but it has center trac and cleaned bearing and lubed
can anyone help me how to make my DM unresponsive?plss help

if you put to much lube it could make it responsive

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It is most likely because of the lube. Even thin lube does indeed slow the bearing down some until it gets broken in. Just play with it and it’ll fix itself. Also, make sure you have it loosened as far as it’ll go (without a gap between the bearing and the sides of the yoyo). Besides, responsive is just fine. Most of the tricks you do were probably invented on a responsive yoyo.

thanks apetrunk ;D

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As with opening up the gap as wide possible you could also take out the o-ring with a pin and put in some silicone, or buy some yyj silicone orings that will fit.

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