DM II unresponsive responsive?

Hey guys,

I have more of a technical question for you guys. So I stepped into the advance section of yoyo tricks right now, and I really want my DM II to be unresponsive.

I am using the big ball bearing piece together with the YYJ thin lube, but it will, when tugged high enough, shoot right up my hand. This happens a lot with the plastic whip for example, where I need to tug it pretty high to fall into the loop.

For the rest it is pretty unresponsive, but not entirely. Does anyone know why and if there is something to be done to fix this?

Thanks and advance!

My guess is that you used to much lube. Clean the bearing. If you choose to use lube, use the smallest drop possible. Also if you play the yoyo it will gradually become unresponsive. How long it takes will depend on how much lube you used.