Dark Magic 2 responsiveness

Hey guys,

So I just acquired a Dark Magic 2, and it feels and plays great. I only have a question for you all, since I’m just new at this type of yoyo-ing.

I am still using the small ball-bearing element, for more responsive play, but it feels more like a semi-responsive yoyo (if that is even possible). I doesn’t really reacts when I tug it to get it up, I sometimes just have to tug it once, sometimes 5/6 times. Other tricks like “pop-the-clutch” or a “trapeze” with a more fancy return almost aren’t possible anymore. And when it does come back the string isn’t properly twisted around the yoyo.

So I use the DM2 fresh out of the box, small bearing and with the original response system still fully intact. I am wondering if there’s something wrong or that this is the way it is supposed to react, even while using the more responsive small bearing.

I really appreciate all the help and comments!

Most people don’t stick around with responsive play very long after getting a DM2. I know what you’re talking about though, I was in the same position 2 years ago. I upgraded to a DM2 from a Reflex to get started “for real”.

Over time, the slim bearing’s lube will break down and the bearing will spin longer and longer. This means the yoyo will lose responsiveness. It will never become completely unresponsive with even a completely clean slim bearing installed, but over time it will become less and less responsive.

The way to fix this issue is through the use of a thick lube. If you don’t already have YYJ thick lube(one example, I’m not sure what to recommend. Perhaps 3-In-1 might be something you can use for the time being. Since you’re not in the United States, I figure you don’t want to pay extremely high shipping prices. However, I do recommend the YYJ thick and thin lubes so you can adjust the responsiveness to your preferences or needs. I figure though, for now, a drop of thick lube is all you need to keep the yoyo responsive enough for your needs.

Another thing you can try is to double-loop the string around the bearing. This may also help for the time being. If anything,you can try this and then change your mind about it and undo it. There’s no cost involved.

Keep at it and keep asking.

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Everything that studio 42 said is right. However, don’t be afraid to start yoyoing unresponsive!

Thank you so much for all the information! I will try the double loop first and if that doesn’t work I will go on to the thick lube! I am a little bit peculiar, since I want to be able to do all the tricks perfectly in the beginner and intermediate section first, hence my need for a good but responsive yoyo (atm).

Once again, thank you for all the info!

My DM2 have responsive play for about 5 mins, and that’s all.

I am now thinking of buying a better bearing for my DM2, still wonder which one to buy.

Adding a bit of lube should fix the problem. Just get a bottle of lube, and add a few drops on to the balls of the bearing–not too much.

Thick lube works better for responsive play, but thin is also an option. You don’t have necessarily have to use a yoyo-specific lube. For example, 3-in-1 oil works well.

Edit: Sorry if this thread has been finished up. I typed this up a few hours ago, but it didn’t get sent.

The DM2 comes with a SLIM bearing for responsive play. This bearing has no shields. A drop of thick lube should last a few days of heavy play to keep it responsive.

In the box, there is a YoYoJam Speed bearing, which is for unresponsive play. It is a C-sized bearing, so any C-sized bearing will work fine. However, if you’re using this bearing for responsive play, you’ve got the wrong bearing in the yoyo for responsive play.

So, as-is, you don’t need to buy a new bearing. But, if you bought used, you might be missing one bearing, usually the narrow one.