how to make a dark magic unresponsive.

how do you make a dark magic 2 unresponsive. most of the time i am in the middle of a trick and the yoyo shoots to my and unexpectedly.

Have you put the large bearing in yet? The Dark Magic comes with two bearings in the package. A smaller half spec bearing and 1 large bearing. That way you can upgrade once you’re ready. So if you have not put the large bearing in do it.

Now if you have put the large bearing in and it’s still responsive you will need to clean the bearing. Take the shields off of the bearing. Then soak it in some mineral spirits or acetone for a couple of minutes and swirl it around a bit while in the spirits/acetone. Then take it out and spin on the tip of a pen and finally blow it out with compressed air

My guess is that your bearing is breaking in.

Try unscrewing the yoyo and making sure that the bearing seats are clean then see if the bearing spins freely. It should spin for a fair amount of time with a good flick. If the bearing isn’t spinning smoothly then it probably just needs to be broken in through play, though cleaning/lubing it can help with this process.

If the bearing is spinning fine then check to make sure that both the silicone pads are properly resting in the recess.

Edit: I had forgotten that YYJ likes to ship with those half C bearings that could very well be it.

Actually this happens with my Rally. :-\ And my bearing has for sure broken in too. So your not alone, rykerickson.