Dark Magic- How to make unresponsive

Does anyone know how to make a DM unresponsive? I ordered one, and I was thinking before sleeping (I do that a lot) and I thought wait… I play unresponsive… so how can I make it unresponsive? Any ideas? Since this yoyo is pretty expensive, and my dad would not be happy if I ordered another one due to bad modding, can you just suggest reversible ways?

Break in the bearing.
Adjust the gap and/or buy shims.

Bam! Your DM is unresponsive :wink:

Also, lube. You don’t exactly need shims though because the gap can be so wide.

I would say lube with thin lube, put in shims , or just adjust the gap.

with my speeder i just losen the gap and it is unresponsive , I think you could do the same with a dark magic.

andre showed u in the learning section he just unscrewed it a bit

Sand down the starburst side, remove the oring and put flowable silicone, deshield the bearing, clean it. and play it dry (no lube)

no lube after cleaning a bearing?
I dont think thats a good idea

It may not sound like a good idea, but trust me, Dr. YoYo knows what he is doing.

Well, that is just what I prefer to do with my bearings. Everyone is different.

ok but I I just wanted to tell batryn that some people dont do that to give him a warning cause andre warns us about this in this vid:http://yoyoexpert.com/learn/411-maintenance-cleaning-a-bearing.html

Where does andre unscrew the bearing??? BTW, sanding the silicone falls under the unreversible bit.

Sorry about not posting in the last day. I was at a shooting campout!!! Rifle and Shotgun!!!

according to doctor popular, a dry bearing can last like a year if you don’t play too seriously. Maybe an hour a day.