Dark Magic HELP!

What should I do to make it more unresponsive? Silicone, O-Ring,??? HELP

Silicone will help and maybe you might want to look into shaving the starburst

Add some thick shims(red)

Lube it? Don’t tighten the gap too much.

thick shim and clean bearing will do.

Loosen the gap, it’s adjustable. I added the KonKave bearing to it also and it seems to spin longer and a be a little more unresponsive.

Here’s how Andre does it. http://yoyoexpert.com/learn/408-maintenance-adjusting-gaps.html

Just be aware that if you get the Koncave bearing it makes it more reponsive until you were it in.

True at first it was a little responsive, but I throw it at work all day as a stress reliever from all the nasty calls I have to take. haha It seems to be wearing in pretty well. Side note whats the average wear in period for most bearings?

To make your Dark magic more unresponsive you can any combination of the following to the yoyo.

  1. You can replace the o-ring with flowable silicone or silicone o-ring.
  2. You can sand down the starburst.
  3. You can make it dual silicone.
    4.You can throw in some spacers.
    5.You can throw in a KK but it doenst make to much difference IMO.
  4. Simlpy open up the gap and clean the bearing.