how do i make my dark magic more unresponsive

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how do i make my dark magic yoyo more unresponsive

(Hardcore_Max) #2

break in your bearing
get a set of spacers
change your response types, eg. silicone orings, or silicone or rtv the o-ring groove

these are just a few suggestions that are a good choice.


The search button is your friend. And you would do the same thing that you would do with any other yoyo: follow what’s been posted in other topics or just don’t worry about it and play responsive.

There’s a few.


trade Rubber O-Ring for Silicone, and get better bearing (KonKave, and any other good bearing makers)


You don’t need a “better” bearing. In fact I consider the stock YYJ bearing to be better than most. Just clean or break in the bearing.

(screamo) #6

YYJ bearings are really good. No need to replace your bearing.