dark magic unresponsive??

hey all working my way through the lessons i notice some of them Audre throws his DM and its super unresponsive other time with a slight pop it comes back right away. How do i make mine less responsive. Thanks all.

if you dont twist the two sides super tight it is a little more unresponsive.

clean the bearing
silicone it
clean the bearing
shave down the existing O-ring
Use the adjustable gap.


Or break it in.

Silicone it
Add shims
Clean the Bearing
Loosen the gap, not too much though. Make sure that the string won’t be able to slip onto the axle.
Shave the O-ring
Use a KK bearing
The way i play with mine is two red shims and a K-Pad, it would prolly be better to use the YYJ silicone but i had K-Pads for my Dv888 and they fit nicely.
When you say that his DM is responsive, i think that would only be in the beginning and intermediate sections. He said that he played his yoyo stock for those sections and used thick lube.

all great info thanks guys… that helped i need to send away for some shims.

How do shims go on? They way I am imagining it, it seems like it would slow the bearing.
I am planning on ordering some shims in my next order, but I don’t get how they work.

Shims go on the bearing seat and because they are there, they widen the gap because the yoyo can’t screw together as close. they do slow down the bearing a little but it shouldn’t make a huge deal. I have two gray(thin) shims on my Dv888(I don’t use them to widen the gap but rather to prevent the bearing from getting stuck in the bearing seat.) My Dv888 still has a really nice spin time. I got it go to 5 minutes. With practice it will be better.
To keep the yoyo spinning longer when using shims, you should take the shields off of the bearing. This reduces friction and thus increases spin time.

Widen the gap.
Put thin lube.
KK’s aren’t necessary. But they’re good for keeping the string away from the response systems.
Is your DM new, if it is then could w/ it until the bearing’s broken in.

buy a concave bearing

Not necessary though. But if you like to spend $15 then go for it. What I did was widen the gap and put an alchemy string on. You could try alchemy strings, I believe they have less friction than polys, at least for what I’ve expirienced.

how do you shave the existing o-ring do you have a video?

7ShadesOfGrey, [this] is what you are looking for.

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You can just shave the oring down with an exacto knife, or anything sharp for that matter. Sandpaper will make it smooth.

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ok thnx

where can i buy a silicone?

If you mean flowable silicone, you can pick it up at wall mart, or an auto store.
It should look like this…
It will have a cover, its a tube, and it should be in a package, not just the tube.

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i wanted it to be as unresponsive as possible i would,

Buy a KK,
silicon it,
by two thick shims and put them both in.