Shims and Silicone

Should I buy shims for a Dark Magic?
I want the yo-yo to be unresponsive.
And should I replace O-rings with silicone?

I think you should buy shims. It will make the gap wider and most likely make your yo-yo unresponsive. As for the silicone, I like it. I siliconed my Hybrid Hitman and I liked the way it played. Unresponsive and tight binds. But, if you don’t like it, it can be a pain to get out. I recommend getting AnY o-pads. They are great and last almost forever. Here is a link:

Alright thanks.

Well the Dark Magic is plenty unresponsive, but it does have somewhat of a small gap so shims would be helpful. You can silicone it if you want, but try it out with the o-ring first and then later you can try the silicone.

Dark Magic + 1 red 1 gray shim + Flowable Silicone + Pink string = Samad (Awesome)

Yep! That’s how I set up my old DM, and it was AMAZING.

I think I ordered two red shims. :-\

Meh whatever.

Still extremely awesome.

I actually have mine set up like the now… But 1 shim (Red) and purple string :P.

Same with my BKs.

I play my DM stock. I find that wide gap=more vibe… This may be just my weirdness in action though

I just pop a koncave (cleaned) in there and its amazing and unresponsive.

if you just get a konkave bearing it will be unresponsive but if you do that and add silicone or shims you will have to do a triple or double bind return

Andre used a KonKave in his videos to make it un-responsive.

He never did that. He uses KKs to increase the overall smoothness. The Dark Magic is unresponsive with a broken in bearing.

I PM’d Andre a while back while you were gone.

He said he used a KonKave to make it un-responsive, because I asked how’d you get it to be un-responsive with Hybrid response?

So i’m good with a stock bearing?

As long as it spins, yes.

Will it be unresponsive?

It should be.

Spencer, did you ask how you can get a hybrid unresponsive? Dark Magic is hybrid and very few complain about that being responsive…Just saying.

Once you break it in, yes. However, it may be unresponsive out of the box, because newer YoYoJam’s have been known to be unresponsive out of the box sometimes.

No. I made a statement on how Andre got his DM un-responsive with Hybrid.

He responded with a KK bearing.