Dark Magic 2 broken? (Please help!)

Hi everyone, I noticed my dark magic 2 was acting odd and being responsive so I opened it and noticed the rubber was half off on one side (and starting to peel off on the other) I tried to put it back in, but the rubber is to big for the size of the hole now (a part of it always pops up when I try to push it back in. Anyways, is my yo-yo broken? Is there any way to fix it? Ive only had it a few weeks, I expected a $40.00 yoyo to last longer. =/ So if anyone could help me I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

the pads r just worn out which happens with every yoyo over time so all u need to do is silicone that side or just buy a new pair of silicone here.

Ok. What would you recommend more? Silicone or Shims? What exactly is the difference?

most people recommend flowable silicone over shims… i’ve never siliconed, but supposedly it’s a bit of an acquired skill. but there’s no harm in trying

Just a quick note shims are not the same as pads. Shims actually sit on the side of a yoyojam bearing, and allow you to keep the gap wider.

This is what you want

This is not, unless you want to keep the gap wider, (NOT A FORM OF PAD)

OK. I will buy those. Thank you. Would you say they are difficult to put in? Or do they pop right in? Thank you.

Pops in there, and boom your ready to go. I’ve even been able to get YYF pads in, but they’re generally made for shallower grooves. So get the YYJ pads and be like ;D.

well siliconing would last longer… doesnt harm ur yoyo either unless if u get it on ur bearing… i have a DM2 and my pads only lasted for a month… I never siliconed a yoyo tho :frowning:

Flowable silicone-ing is very easy and lasts a long-long time. There are tons of links on how to do it and I highly recomend it.

I use RTV silicone and it works great. Put a pin drop size of thin lube and then you can just plug and play some un-responsiveness. Shims make the gap wider but does not solve your silicone problem. It can make it unresponsive but your silicone problem will be here.