Sili or shims

Iv got some YYJ yoyos and i was going to buy some shims and some sili well i was wondering do i need both? Because i want it to do is do whips and lacerations so save me some money i dont think i need both but wich one should i get?

Well Shims make your gap in your Yo-Yo bigger.

Silicone is a responce system. Am i right?

But the Shims make your Yo-Yo gap bigger for unresponsiveness.

well, it doesnt matter. If your yoyo is already unresponsive, you’re set. However, silicone fills the recess, and shims just make the gap wider

you don’t need any of those. Whips and lacerations can be done with stock yyj’s. If you want, shims are just to widen the gap. Silicone is just to fill up the o-ring hole with something other than rubber, because silicone is smoother than rubber, and will reduce response slightly.

thanks guys i not doing anything there are already unresponsive enough