shims. What do they do??

Hi Guys,
As you can prob realise im still new to yoyo, you can prob tell from my previous posts.
What do shims do? and do they make a big difference to every yoyo or is it just certain ones. i currently have a legacy and would like to know if i would benefit from them

They just make the gap of the yoyo wider. This is good for people who like super unresponsive play, and play with many layers of string. Dont recommend them for beginners though, it will not help you if you’re learning not so advanced tricks.

thanks, it makes much more sense now.ill bear that in mind when i get better and start doing more advanced tricks

They just keep your axle at a fixed place you like…

but in all honesty you can control it just the same without shims…

Some people though enjoy it cause they dont have to constantly tweak and turn their yo-yo.