What can I use to shim old yoyojams?

I’ve got my kickside and I want to widen the gap. Any thing I can use to make shims?

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Or that. :rofl:

I have a set in my kickside and they work pretty well

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6x8x1 washers. 6x10 works too, the only downside is that you have to actually hope for one with shoddy tolerances so that it fits over the bearing posts which are 6.35mm

0.90mm gap with increase on both sides, so almost a 2mm gap width increase - I sand each one down to as flat as I can get them.


You can also cut tiny washers out of a soda bottle or even a water jug. It’s pretty much the same size. Soda bottles are thinner than the jug so it helps you dial in the size you want. Plus it’s infinitely available everywhere. That’s what we used to do back in the day if we couldn’t get ahold of proper metal washers.

Thin cardstock also works well. Something like a cereal box thickness usually works pretty good.


YYJ spacers were previously available. It looks now like the only option to purchase is Dif-E-Yo shims…

You can make your own out of card stock with a simple cutter setup. Hardware stores and hobby shops sell a variety of small diameter brass tubes of various sizes that can be used to accurately cut paper shims. Get one for the outer diameter and one for the inner diameter. Sharpen one end of each with a fine file. Cut the shims by spinning the tube between your fingers. Cut the inner hole first, then use the tube for the outer diameter to finish the cut.