Widening gaps

Is it possible to make a gap wider? maybe adding some shims on the bearing seat or something? anyone know of anything like this?

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Andre’s got your back!

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It will depend on how wide the gap is already. Many yoyos utilize most of the gap available. If you shim those, you’ll probably create a space(s) between the yoyo and the bearing that the string can fall into or snag on.

If the YYJ spacers turn out to be too thick, you can find washers for RC cars that are super thin.


There’s also Difeyo Shims if you prefer metal:


ok cool! I will check them out thanks!

so then what creates the different gap widths? it has to come from the bearing seat and how much recessed it is… unless bearings are different widths which i dont think they are

Correct. What I’m saying is, many yoyos already utilize just about the full width of the bearing, so there’s not much more you can do to open the gap more without creating gaps between the yoyo halves and the bearing.

There’s always “Beefcaking”! Maybe you could pioneer that for C bearings? Could even try one full and one 1/2 spec!

You could do 2- 1/2 specs with a thin washer in the middle, creating a “groove”. That might give you a gap wider than possible with one full spec.


1/2 spec bearings are already 2/3 the width of a wide bearing, so stacking them gives you a VERY wide gap.

If a yoyo has at least a slightly narrow gap (4.45 or less) you can add a single one of the thin Dif-e-yo shims (0.01" or 0.254mm) without making the gap wider than the bearing. There’s still a risk of the string being able to slip past the bearing unless you are using a strong centering bearing or the guts are designed such to allow this.