What shims are compatable with C size bearings?

I’m looking for shims that’ll work with a yoyo with a C sized bearing, but i can’t find anything that says definitively that it’ll work for that. Can someone point me in the right direction?

The Dif-E-Yo shims work well.

As do the YoyoJam shims

They don’t specifically say so but they are for “C” size bearings. The Dif shims are metal, the YYJ shims are fiber. Both work well depending on the yoyo. The main issue to consider is that the bearing seat is deep enough that with the shims installed, the edge of the bearing does not extend beyond the bearing seat. If the edge of the bearing is exposed you have the possibility of the string snagging in the gap between the bearing and the shell.

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Got it, i was looking at those and wasn’t sure if they were right for the job, thanks for the help.

Also, the issue i’m having is that i recently bought an older throw that has impressions being made in the bearing seat by the inner bearing race and the yoyo is responsive now. I’m hoping shims will help solve the problem

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