Silicone reses?

(Runez4lyf) #1

Some one said to me that I should silicone reses my yoyo, what does that mean?


(JM) #3

What kind of yo-yo is it? I can give a more acurate desciption with that information.

Basically though, you are removing the response system of the yo-yo (friction stickers, o-rings, etc.) and using what it called “Flowable Silicone” to create a new response.

The silicone with grab the strings during a bind, but usually is not “tug responsive”. This response type is ideal for advanced string tricks.

(Jesse) #4

3 questions.

  1. Do you do that to both sides of the yo-yo?
  2. What if the silicone gets in the bearing seat?
  3. How can I determine 3mm?


Take the axle out of the other side, do it twice.

Take it off with a pin or nail, it won’t be permanent.

Estimate, it doesn’t need to be PERFECT.

(Jesse) #6

Thanks! Also, when it says shims, does it mean like metal ones I could find in my basement or would I have to buy regular YYJ shims?


The spacers that come with the yoyo is what he’s talking about.

(Jesse) #8

Can you do it with a Metal Zero or any other metal yo-yos? Is this harder, and do you do it the same way?


I’ve heard you can do it, but its harder I think.

I have no clue though, so don’t trust this.

(JM) #10

You can recess a metal yo-yo, yes. You CANNOT however do it the way it’s described in this video.

(Jesse) #11

Will caulk work instead of silicone?



It is a type of silicone, so it will work. It gets hard fast, and can discolor/get moldy if you don’t maintain it.