What does silicone do?

Hey guys, I hear a lot of talk on here about silicone and flowable and which to buy and yada yada, but I can’t figure out what it does to the yoyo and why everybody seems to like it so much.

Could somebody explain what it does and the benefits of silicone over other methods to achieve the same? Thanks!

Silicone respond helps the yoyo to bind easily to your hand. Silicone
resond system is good for metal yoyos and mabe plastic yoyos.

Happy Throwing! =]

As he said, but it can also make a yoyo more unresponsive. You can get silicone pads and such to replace a o-ring responce.

They do make the yoyo more unresponsive, snag less, and also make it easier to bind. Silicone is not only for yoyos that have a O-Ring groove, but yoyos with a recess will be able to take silicone.

What do you mean?

Happy Throwing! =]

People like it so much because, if applied properly, it can last a few months without replacement. Plus, it provides tight binds while giving unresponsive play. It very very rarely snags the string in the middle of tricks unless its falling out. Its just an overall great response system. Its fairly easy and simple to replace.

Hope I shed some light on this for you!

Yes, you can buy silicone (the ones they use on cars windows…) and just put it right into your o-ring spot. Then wait for it to dry, and just scrape off extra silicone. Then, enjoy!

BTW, if my DM is already unresponsive, what will silicone do?

would it be beneficial to put silicone in my DM? I’ve got it set up for unresponsive play.

how would I go about doing that?

also, what is all this about shaved o-rings? why shave the o-rings/what benefit does it have?

thanks for the help guys!

Yes - But if you already have it set up for unresponsive play, it is not really necessary. You basically take flowable silicone, and take out the O-Ring, and put it in the groove. Shaved O-Rings are O-Rings with the top cut off. This usually lessens snag.

its all about making your yoyo. less reponsive, when applying silicone, make sure that there are no bubbles after you apply it, the bubbles make it last a shorter time…