yoyo siliconing

does any body know what is the purpose of yoyo siiliconing? and can i put a silicon on a dark magic

Silicone is a response system that makes your binds really snappy and nice. I prefer it over other responses. You can replace your orings with silicone in your dark magic too.

It doesn’t stick out from the walls. It lends itself to unresponsive play but gives tight binds.

so if i put silicone i cant remove it forever? and can i still put back the original response and how?

I think it is possible to remove flowable silicone. You can still put the o- ring back. Guys correct me if I’m wrong. That’s my thought.

Both flowable and gasket maker are easy enough to remove if you don’t like them. Then, you can just toss the o-ring back in the groove.