Silicone O-Ring

Ok, so i was browsing the awesome shop area on this site and noticed theres silicone o rings. ive heard the wonders of silicone and was wondering if my hybrid hitman would perform better if i put one of those nifty silicone o rings in it, thanks!


Well, it is preference. I believe that silicone o-rings will give it tighter binds and will be flush. This will probably help with unresponsiveness. Also, the silicone o-rings may be responsive until you break them in so you will have to deal with them for a little bit.

yup preference for me i dont like silicone on hybrids but love them on double o rings.

They don’t affect the performance at all, besides maybe not hitting the string as much when sleeping because they’re flush. The main thing that many people like them for is that they give snappier, tighter binds. I wouldn’t recommend buying just orings due to shipping prices, but if you are getting another yoyo or something anyways, you could stick the sili orings in there too for only a few dollars. Also, you might be able to find some in a hardware store. I doubt that, but it’s possible.

In general, silicone is more responsive than rubber. That’s why people apply silicone recessed.

Now the YoYoJam silicone o-rings, (assuming that’s what you’re talking about), sit pretty far down in the o-ring groove after you peel off the paper. If it’s too far in, it could lead to loose binds (From my experience with them). Since you have hybrid response, you don’t need two of them. So if you experience loose binds with one, try to stack another one on it.
If you set up your gap wide, then I don’t recommend them. If you’re looking to cut down response, these are good, but I think shims do a better job. If you want to tighten binds, then you can try these, assuming you have a narrow to moderate gap setting.

That’s just my 2 cents. I also agree with Apetrunk, you should also buy them with something else because $5 is too much to ship just the silicone rings.

i bought silicone O-rings and they work beautifully.
i do not regret getting them for 0.99 great buy and binds. But still a personal preference.

Yeah. My eight/8/eight has a silicone cavity with the silicone pad and it slips a lot of binds. It is new though. They can snag a bit too, depending on the yoyos gap. :slight_smile:

thanks for that, i have thick merc shims in my hitman so the gap is very wide lol