Once and for all - hybrid or dual o-ring???

Well im still trying to decide on a yoyo and this choice is killing me! :stuck_out_tongue: Let me hear any suggestions or comparisons you have of the o-rings and hybrids PLEASE ;D i really appreciate it!!
PS i will probably switch the o-rings out with silicone in either response type.

if you replace the orings with silicone or silicone orings the hybrid will be just a little responsive because of the starburst and the dual oring will be completely unresponsive

I would go with Dual o-ring if you want unresponsive.
Hybrid will be a little responsive, unless you widen the gap, like a dark magic.

Most people prefer double O-ring because then you can get double silicone. And now to talk about this:

Hybrid isn’t more responsive than double O-ring. I find that two O-rings rub the string more than hybrid. And if you really like a yoyo that can only be bought with hybrid, buy two and have a double O-ring yoyo and a double starburst yoyo.

Hm. I just figured because with my DM, It feels more grabby than double o-ring.

Back on topic. I personally like Dual O-ring. To me, it feels a little more like silicone pads (which I’m used to). Hybrid though is great too. When I first started using it though, I had a bad throw and the starburst constantly was hitting the string and it got to me. Now, I don’t have that problem and I love it. If you want my recommendation though, I pick Dual O-ring. ;D

In comparison to what?


just comparison to each other haha

Well, I only have hybrid and they are not responsive at all for me. They do have really responsive binds for me though. But still, I only have hybrids.

Both of the responses are my favorite, but they can be responsive/un-responsive.

I like Hybrid better. My Hybrid Hitman is just awesome.

I have straight throws, and with my Lyn Fury, the string always touches the response.

Well im looking for something that binds really tight and really easily. The DM sounds good cuz it sleeps long but im not sure if the hybrid would be too grabby without binding. Will the HM sleep as long as the DM? Which response would better suit what im looking for? ???

Get double o ring and silicone it.

Neither will sleep longer. The determining factor in sleep time is your throw. Work on it and it won’t matter which one you get because it will sleep plenty long to do your tricks. :smiley:

I personally like hybrid over dual o-ring. I do actually like dual starburst over hybrid, but for this topic I like hybrid. Rubber is grippier than plastic so it grabs the string more when it hits it as compared to the plastic that is the starburst. However, the starburst still gives great binds and contrary to many people’s beliefs, starburst in and of itself is not responsive.

Like Apetrunk said… it’s all preference.

Well, it is all preference on what you’d want.

Both can be responsive/un-responsive, and the Dark Magic can bind greatly.

The Hitman has the same response, and there’s also a double o-ring Hitman.

It depends all on your throw. I have a Hybrid Hitman, and a Dark Magic. My Dark Magic can sleep longer, and I do equal throws on each Yo-Yo.

I will have to side with the Dark Magic, based on your questions. :wink:

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I say hybrid. If Speeder is hybrid, which I think it is. I have to bind with my Speeder, and the bind works even if it is barely spinning. Of course, I don’t know much about binds. I just land it, wrap it, and I’m done. Haha… I slay myself sometimes. But I love the hybrid response.

If im gonna get a hybrid, should i switch the o-ring with silicone? What difference would it make and how would it compare to double silicone?

Ya, i have no xperience wit anythin but worn friction stickers :stuck_out_tongue:

You technically don’t have to switch it but if you want, the silicone supposedly gives a tighter bind and it reduces friction because it is flush not protruding.

Addition: You can cut to Orings to make is flush or recessed. Also, the silicone can be responsive when you first put it in but will “break in” (Similar to a bearing)

:smiley: Thanx for the help everyone! It really…helped!

I decided on the DM!! I was a little hesitant to try the hybrid, but almost everyone seems to be happy with it and i can always replace the o-ring with silicone if its a little too responsive. I liked the DM for its weight and spin time. I think the HM might have been a little too small for my liking. The DM is a yoyo i dont think i can go wrong with. Thanx again for the help all!

Cant wait to get my Dark Magic!!! ;D