Regular or Hybrid Hitman

Which is better HM or H-HM 8)? ???

idk joel… which one did i tell you to buy?

it doesn’t matter, their all same. not JK

Ive got how you do that thing now, my choise, get the hybrid, it my opinoun its smoother (dont ask why)

I prefer the Hybrid. So much smoother.

I prefer dual o-ring. I am not a big fan of starburst and with o rings you can silicone it to play like a metal. Its really the same yoyo, so I’m not sure how one can play much (if any) better than the offer.

go double o ring, much smoother in my opinion

Double O-ring tends to snag more, Hybrid doesn’t snag as much. but it is up to persanal preferance

Double o-ring - then you can upgrade to flowable silicone.

I don’t like the buzzing of the starburst response. It never seems to go away.

Double O-Ring. Much smoother and I HATE the buzzing of the starburst.


Seriously, unless we were YOU, we couldn’t make the decision now, could we?

I have a quick question i thought id ask, Is there any difference at all between the two of them besides the response? Thanks!

And Id go with double O-ring, just becuase you can change it to flowable silicone if you want. I love hybrid though.

Hybrid, its smoother. ;D

Happy Throwing! =]

Yay! finally a person likes the Hybrid response!

Ya I kind of like the hybrid myself.

I say Hybrid over Double O-rings. However, if you plan to silicone it, go with the Double O-ring version.

Have Fun Throwing,



Personally, I would go with the double o-ring Hitman, but some people prefer hybrid.