Dual o-ring or Hybrid?


So, Dual o-ring, Hybrid or starburst?

Dual-o for me.

(Mitch) #2

I shaved the O-rings on my Lyn, and I play my 5A Dark Magic dual-Oring and they both rock…


I enjoy hybird, but dual o ring just is more appealing to me in aspects of play.


there is only one yoyo i like orings in and that is my DNS.

(_|@<06) #5

Dual O-ring! Hybrids just a little too snaggy for me


dual O-Ring, than i can flowable silicone it


(Q) #8

I started out on hybrid, so I have to stick with it
Hybrid all the way

(Johnny rocks!!!) #9




Another vote for Dual oring. I don’t like the hybrid response starburst at all.


Dual O. starburst is ok I guess if their a F.A.S.T. system on the yoyo, but other than that I hate it.


Update… starburst added.