What was the point of YYJ's Hybrid response?

Why not just have dual o-rings? is it just a feel thing?

It was the prefered response back in the day. A handful of throwers liked the feel of starburst but also want the response of an O-ring. And if it was a dual o-ring it tends to snag [and yoyos back then still had a very thin gap]

Correct me if I’m wrong. I’m only a noob yoyoer of 16 months.

Mostly variety and taking a shot at what people might like. Actually “back in the day” pure starburst was mostly what was available. They already had dual o-ring when most of the current hybrid models were released. Somebody thought the hybrid would be cool.

And I, for one, love hybrid response.

It has a certain grippy-ness which a lot of people find frustrating, but which (IMO) makes suicides and many fancy binds and such easier to accomplish.

And I just love the feel of it…

The saying goes: “Why Not Both?”