exactly what is hybrid response?

i yoyo

hybrid response is when there is one rubber ring (o-ring) on one half the yoyo and on the other side there is a starburst. which is basically a whole bunch of little bumps on the inside of the yoyo look at the pictures for the dark magic in the shop section. click the view product button and just hit next to see both sides of the starburst!


hybrid response…

hybrid - means the combination of two or more different things

so its basically having two different responses in 1 yoyo

1 oring and 1 starburst
1 silicone and 1 oring

but in yoyojam, its basically a oring half and a starburst half

so it is basically just that…its a sort of response of two different materials to make one big good response for the yoyo


um…when i said both sides of the starburst…i meant hybrid

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any of two different responses in one yoyo,commonly one starburst and one o-ring

it s a electrical car just kiddding it is a o ring and starburst system in one yoyo

[quote=YoYoWiki]The term hybrid is used for a response system that mixes any of these systems, most notably the mix of one O-ring and one starburst made popular by YoYoJam.

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