some questions

(Yx1108) #1

Can i ask wat the difference is between double o-ring and hybird, and is the bigger/larger the metal rims the more stable it is ? my fren is planing to buy a yoyojam he wants one that is stable… which will you reccomend ?


Ok, they are all great. If the double o-ring yoyo have standard double o-ring, you better don’t buy it cause i have an experience of the X-convict sometimes responsive sometimes unresponsive. Dark Magics are GREAT, adjustable gap, can be tug responsive and can be unresponsive if you like cause it is hybrid. If your friend is a more experienced player, I’d recormend the New Breed, it has a silicone o-ring and it’s COMPLEATLY unresponsive .:smiley:

Hope it helps!! :smiley: :wink:

(J. Lev) #3

Personally, I prefer Doulbe O-Ring Response… this is because you can take out one of the O-Rings to make it more unresponsive if you want. Do you like it responsive or unresponsive? That’s important in making this decision.

Regarding the amount of metal and stability… theoretically, it makes sense. I never really put much thought into that at all. Most YoyoJams are pretty stable to begin with.


Many people hate starburst for some reason. They think it makes the yoyo responsive or something. This is not true, but many people still don’t like it. I happen to love starburst, but I do also like silicone. Either way, hybrid or o-ring, will be great and soon will you will be able to find a preference, so I suggest just picking one.