YYJ Hitman Review (Double O-Ring Response)

Okay if you read my Dark Magic II review you will find that I prefer my Hitman over that. Here’s why. First lets start with some basic stats. This yoyo come in two flavors of response Hybrid (O-ring and Starburst) and Double O-Ring.

Diameter: 2.13"
Width: 1.59"
Response System: Double O-Ring / Hybrid
Weight: 65 grams
Bearing Size: Size C

This is a great throw in my opinion for the intermediate and up skilled players. If you don’t know how to bind return then this throw may not be for you, but I will say the Adjustable gap system is a great help with that. I finally found my Hitman after about 7-8 months of it being missing. This is a very solid yo-yo, well built in my opinion, the reason I say that is because I did a sky rocket one time outside and it smacked the ground so hard I’m surprised no cracks or anything like that happened. This has been my best throw so far. (I’ve got two new ones on the way (Popstar and DV888)) Anyway, to say something about it’s size it is somewhat an undersized throw, but very stable when it comes to doing tricks. I’m skilled but not master yet LOL. The response system is a great one, Double O-Rings are so far my favorite. Need to replace them, go to your nearest hardware store and pickup a couple and your throw will be just like new. You’ll only pay 25 cents if that per ring. Vibe, not much to speak of. Bearing, if well maintained will last you good long while. Honestly I can’t think of anything negative about this one. It’s all a matter of opinion though.


Hitman VS Dark Magic II

Hitman ADJ Gap > DMII Solid Axle
Hitman Double O-Ring > DMII Silicone Pads
Hitman Reliability/Stability > DMII Reliability/Stability.

Final Thoughts:

Great Throw for a plastic/metal.

FINAL SCORE: 9.75/10

The comparisons were just your preferences, someone might like the DM II better.

That’s what I said it’s all about preference. Generally that’s what a review is, a preference of someone’s point of view.