can somone please post a hitman review!

I am considering a Hitman, but i want to know if i would be wasting my money because i already have a DM. If you could, maybe you can compare the two???

thanks in advance!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Its a great yoyo, definetly worth the money.

They are both good throws. All of the YYJ metal rimmed yoyos are awesome throws, I would just get it.

ok, thanks, but i want a review if anyone has it.

There is something here called the search button. Maybe you should use it.

i did, i tipped in “Hitman review”

I’ll give you a brief review…

The Hitman is great, overall. It plays very smooth and feels quite light on the string and in the air with a tad bit of “floatiness.” The metal rims make it extremely stable, long-spinning, and powerful on the throw, in addition to providing impressive grind and stall times. My only real complaint about it is the gap size. I like small bearings myself, so I like small gaps, but this gap seems too small for a yoyo of this size. (keep in mind that it’s an 02-03 yoyo) I recommend replacing the stock o-rings with silicone and/or using shims, but there’s no reason you couldn’t compete with this yoyo.