Review: The Hitman Professional by YoYoJam.


Ah, yes. The Hitman. Certainly a modern classic among virtually any yoyo player today. The Hitman has been used to win national and world level competitions and is virtually a universal favorite among our community. With this in mind, it goes without saying that the new Hitman Pro had some giant shoes to fill. Boasting some fairly different specs than its predecessor, it received mixed reactions among the community. Is this truly the “new and improved” version of our beloved classic, or does this yoyo even deserve to bear the ‘Hitman’ name?

Weight (g) 66.00
Width (mm) 41.33
Diameter (mm) 50.72
Gap Width (mm) 4.18
Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width) .250 x .187 x .500 in
Gap Type Fixed
Stock Response System YoYoJam Silicone Pad

At a glance:
Clearly, upon first look, this yoyo has some design tweaks when compared to the original Hitman. The most obvious of which is the diameter. At just over 50 mm, this is an undersized yoyo. While many considered the original Hitman to be a more undersized alternative to the Dark Magic, it was still very much a full-sized throw. In addition, there is the obvious difference in shape. The Hitman Pro boasts a wider gap and overall profile while sporting much wider metal rims as we have come to know and love on the X-Convict. The shape itself can be described as very rounded and extremely comfortable. If you can’t say anything else about it, you can certainly say that it is one of the most comfortable throws that will ever grace your hand.

On a throw:
Smooth and unbelievably stable. Not only does it compare to many of my metals in this regard, but it surpasses them, especially in stability. The wide metal rims combined with the new solid-spin axle really give this yoyo a “spot on” feel. The yoyo carries momentum very well with a small amount of “floatiness” during airborne tricks. Many have debated as to the speed of this throw. Some say it is fast, some say it is designed to play slower and more stationary, in accordance with JD’s personal style. In my opinion, this yoyo responds more to you as a player. Personally, I like to play on the fast side and the Hitman Pro has absolutely no problem keeping up. If you want it to, this yoyo can be a blur. If not, it won’t. When I slow things down a bit, I can still “feel” exactly where the yoyo is in the air and on the string. It is one of the most versatile yoyos out there. In terms of grinds, there are also mixed opinions. Needless to say, however, this was designed by JD and is truly “built to grind” as YoYoJam claims. As to be expected, arm grinds and stalls are where the Pro really shines and in that regard, it is fantastic. Palm grinds are good, finger grinds not so much due to your finger being in contact with the plastic. Personally, I play mine with the caps on, so I can’t speak much about thumb grinds other than the fact that the caps make them difficult. Granted, if you are used to a bead-blasted full-metal yoyo, then you may be a tad bit underwhelmed. Said yoyo probably cost you 300% more than this one, however.

Final thoughts:
In conclusion, the Hitman Pro is truly a fantastic addition to virtually anyone’s collection. Its versatility, comfort, smoothness, and stability make this yoyo unbeatable right now at its price point. It has been my main throw for over half of a year now and that is over several high-end metals.

Who will like this yoyo?
-Those who like undersized throws.
-Those who like bi-metals in general.
-Those looking for something other than full-metals for their collection.
-Basically, anyone who plays yoyo.

Who won’t like this yoyo?
-Those who only throw big, heavy, slow throws.

Thanks for reading.


Cool mine is coming in the mail soon i like undersized yoyos. Bi metal yoyos too thanks for the review


Glad you liked this excellent review, but please try not to comment on old threads because they are usually not that relevant and it bumps them to the top of the thread list.


Great review. I gotta say, I wasn’t expecting much from you, but this review certainly changed my mind!