YoYoJam Hitman Pro Review

When the Hitman was first released in 2003 it changed EVERYTHING. Grinds and unresponsive play became mainstream, and ask anyone who was around that time – the Hitman was the yo-yo of choice. Ready to bring it to the next level, World Champion Johnnie DelValle (JD) did a complete redesign taking everything you love about the original Hitman and adding in the new Solid Spin axle system!
New design elements include a slightly smaller diameter for the more intricate style of yo-yoing today and YoYoJam’s patent pending Solid Spin axle system has been added for a more stable and perfectly balanced spinning experience. Weight has been tweaked and carbon fiber caps bring the yo-yo to a new level of sophistication receiving JD’s approval as the very best YoYoJam has to offer.
Hitman PRO is built for the new level of yo-yo professional today!

Well, this is my first review, so dont be too tough :D A package arrived this morning in my mailbox. I knew what was in it, but I didnt expect it to look so good: The Hitman Pro.

First Impressions: This yoyo comes in the usual YoYoJam package.Not bad, not fancy either.I think it is just fine. People complained about the package, but I think it does its job and protects the yoyo from scratches, dings, etc…
At first glance, I thought I made a mistake and bought a full-metal yoyo instead of the Hitman Pro.
It is so covered in aluminium, that you can barely see the plastic parts.
I think it is my best-looking yoyo so far, don`t know why ,but I prefer it over my MVP ( I think the caps are the reason).
I believe the caps are made out of carbon fiber, and they look really cool. I never actually tried to remove them, but a friend of mine removed them from his and it looked incomplete. He also had to destroy them in order to make them come off (he made a small hole in the cap and used a knife to remove it)
This is how the caps look on mine:


Manufacturer YoYoJam
Shape Wing
Weight (g) 66.00
Width (mm) 41.33
Diameter (mm) 50.72
Gap Width (mm) 4.18
Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width) .250 x .187 x .500 in
Gap Type Fixed
Stock Response System YoYoJam Silicone Pad

Despite being a sequel of the Hitman, in my opinion, this yoyo is not at all like a Hitman.
They changed the weight, the shape and the gap size.( all needed improvements, I believe)
Also, this beauty comes with TWO bearings: one Slim, for responsive play, and a YoYoJam Speed Bearing.
This is the gap with the Slim Bearing installed:

And this is the gap with the Speed Bearing instaled:

The two bearing thing is a GREAT improvement, because yoyo-ers new to the sport can just use the slim bearing until they learn how to bind, and them move on to unresponsive play. This way, they only need one yoyo ( of course everybody wants more than one yoyo, but it`s good if you are low on your budget).

On a throw:
This…is…just…awesome !!!
I think it is one of the smoothest yoyos I have ever thrown.
Being an undersized throw, it is great for chopsticks , and the gap is big enough for multiple string layers.
It is not a very fast throw, IMO, but the stability makes up for this.
Now, the chapter i think all of you expected: grinds.
I used to like grinds, but with this yoyo, I like them even more. I am not very good at grinds, but seeing this little fellow climbing my arm without losing a lot of spin, it really impresed me.
There is not much room for thumb grinds( and I mean, not at all), though, but for arm grinds and stalls it is just fine.


I compared the Hitman Pro with my 2 yoyos that I considered are a little like the Hitman Pro:the DV888 and the PGM ( mostly the DV888).

Gap size:

The Dv888 has the widest gap, then the Hitman Pro , then the PGM.


In diameter, the largest is the PGm, and I believe the DV888 and Hitman Pro have the same diameter.

Final Thoughts:

I think YoYojam has done a great job with the Hitman Pro. At first, I thought this could ruin the Hitman “legacy”, but it actually made it far better.
I prefer the Hitman Pro over my metal throws ( Dv888, MVP), and I consider it the best YoYojam Plastic-Metal hybrid so far.

I hope you enjoyed my review.

Excellent review! I agree on every point you made. It is definitely NOT like the original Hitman. It doesn’t feel fast. Smooth. Stable.

Very thoughtful and accurate. Good job.

That was a good review!

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Thanks a lot it really helped me :smiley:

And tnx for the positive feedback

Thank you. Its nice to see that my first review wasnt bad.
My Speeder 2 should arrive soon.
Can`t wait to write a review of it, too.

That was an awesome review! Very detailed, and very accurate.

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Thanks a lot ! Next time I will use that code.