Hitman Pro Good Or Not

I am currently looking at the Hitman Pro but i don’t know if it’s a good yoyo. I’m liking it right now but i need help deciding if it worth the money

Of course it is. It’s JD approved and made by YYJ.
Can’t go wrong. :wink:
Get it.

i agree with jhb, HMP is an awesome throw made by an awesome dude. It’s JD approved, and that should tell you all you need to know. :slight_smile:

You like it = Good. Buy it. Done. Crisis avoided.

I have one. I like it.

YYE doesn’t carry bad yoyos. At least not knowingly. Having said that, that doesn’t mean all yoyos are a perfect fit for everyone. You can’t please everyone.

I still have mine and it plays great. Worth it to me Well were you considering something else?

I was also considering the Dark Magic 2,Its also good to know that im just starting out

Honestly, I was a bit disappointed when I got my Hitman Pro. I was holding expectations for it on the same level as the Dark Magic II, which I was floored by, but when I got it, it kinda came up a little short. It was a fun little knockaround, but I found it unstable, and had a stock vibration that none of the other SolidSpin YoyoJams I have played possessed. It was a first run, and I might have been a rare case, but I certainly didn’t love the yoyo. I really hope I just got a bad one.

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Are you saying that the Dark Magic II is better?If so how much better?

I’m having this run with undersized yoyos right now. XCon Pro, Hitman Pro, Eneme, Campfire, Gnarwal, other of my smaller yoyos.

Comparing the DM2 to the Hitman Pro:
I find both are smooth and stable…
The Hitman pro is a grinder’s dream! Those gigantic aluminum rims are meant for grinding. Look how JD plays it.

But, in general, going with my preferences, I do like my DM2 more. Both are amazing, both are great. The DM2 is a yoyo that can take you from zero to hero, handling anything you can throw at it(figuratively speaking) and come out fine. The Hitman Pro, despite coming with 2 bearings, excels with the YYJ Speed Bearing, not the slim bearing. It’s not really good for noobs, it’s best if you’re an intermediate or better.

Then again, what do I know? I like darn near everything I have a lot. I like variety and mixing it up. My preferences are normally stuff at the top end of the full sized range, regarding diameter. I played the XCon Pro exclusively for 2 solid weeks as it forced me to improve my throw. It’s been a tremendous benefit for me to have done that. Then I started playing the Hitman Pro. It’s different, it’s good in its own way. Keep in mind, it ultimately comes down to preferences.

Anyone who is coming to BAC: you can try ANYTHING in my collection. Including my Hitman Pro.

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I’d personally call the DMII “better”, thoughb I’m almost certain my Hitman Pro was just a fluke.